What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy, is a water-based form of physiotherapy. This is performed in the pool at La mon Hotel where the water is shallow enough to stand in. There are great  benefits of having therapy in water, these include reducing  the load through the bodies joints, being able to move in a gravity assisted manner, making it easier to move and less painful especially for anyone who may be suffering from a painful condition or injury. This allows people to use their body more effectively and train to improve cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, strength, and ultimately improve function. Hydrotherapy is directed by a physiotherapist therapist who will  design an individualised programms following an extensive assessment of their needs. 

Is Hydrotherapy for me?

Hydrotherapy is great for those who have lost strength, condition and fitness. If you have been struggling to be active for whatever reason, whether you have experienced an injury or have a painful condition, recently had an operation, then yes Hydrotherapy is a great way to ease your body back into movement. Treatment and sessions are tailored to individual needs and levels of fitness. 

Our hydrotherapy sessions are a one to one session with a physiotherapist who has had extensive training in hydrotherapy. The aim is to improve neuromuscular recruitment, reduce pain and avoid unnecessary loading  through the injured region. Hydrotherapy can often be taken alongside clinic based Physiotherapy or exercise sessions.

Please contact us to book an appointment or hydrotherapy session at La Mon Hotel