Womens Health Physio

What is women’s Health Physio?

Women's health physio focuses on issues that effect women throughout their lives. A women's health Physio is specially trained in the treatment of antenatal and post-natal care as well as general gynaecological problems. These problems can include general pelvic aches and pains,  continence concerns, prolapses and bowel complaints.  

Antenatal physiotherapy

Pregnancy can be an exciting time, but it can also be incredibly uncomfortable at times! We can help you manage pregnancy related low back, thoracic or neck pain; Sacroilliac joint dysfunction; pelvic girdle pain (pubic symphysis disorders) and nerve pains in the hands and legs. We can also advise you on pelvic floor muscle exercises, give you tips on birthing positions, and also the best way to recover after the birth - be it natural or Caesarean.

Pregnancy massage

Our physiotherapists are also fully trained in pregnancy massage. Why not treat yourself to an hour of relaxation .

Post Natal Physiotherapy 

It can be a very busy and stressful time after your baby is born.  Having pain or struggling with continence issues can make this even more difficult. At Pure Physio, our women's health physiotherapists can help with the following issues post-pregnancy:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Pelvic floor re-education
  • Third degree tears/painful Caesarean scar
  • Incontinence – stress/ urgency
  • Diastisis/abdominal muscle separation
  • Back, neck and shoulder pain

If you are suffering any of these issues, we would advise that you book an appointment for a women's health assessment, so that the physio can discuss a pelvic floor exercise programme for your specific problem and symptoms. 

Gynaecological problems 

Continence problems affect women of all ages; however, by practising some simple techniques you can retrain your pelvic floor muscles to reduce this, even if the issues have been long standing.

Specialist physiotherapy treatment can also speed up your recovery after many gynaecological operations, particularly hysterectomy and prolapse repair.

Please contact us to book an appointment or for more information on any of the services available at our clinic at La Mon Hotel.