At Pure Physio Clinic we can help alleviate the symptoms associated with headaches

What are Headaches?

Over 10 million people in the UK suffer from headaches. At Pure Physio Clinic, we aim to help people understand the benefits of physiotherapy treatment for tension headaches.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Headaches.

Physiotherapy treatment is not always the first thing people consider for a headache. However, physiotherapy treatment for headaches can produce effective relief. Especially, where medication and other treatment has failed.

Most experts now accept that some forms of headache are caused by problems in the upper spine. These are called Cervicogenic headaches or tension headaches.

How Physiotherapy can help

Massage technique, joint manipulations techniques, specific cervical stretches and exercises, cervical traction can be very effective treatments for headaches. Physiotherapists can then use a range of techniques to restore movement and help maintain good posture in the upper spine. Education and advice regarding lifestyle adjustments for headaches help to achieve long-term relief.

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