Basic Abdominal Exercises

This exercise will help you to engage the deep abdominal muscles that help stabilise the low back and pelvic area.

Start position

• Lie on the floor on a rug or an exercise mat with feet, hips and knees in line.
• Soften the breastbone and relax.
• Breathe gently into your lower lateral ribs so that your chest expands laterally.
• Find the neutral or mid position of your low back by rolling your pelvis gently forwards and back. There should be space for a grape or olive just under your lowest vertebrae! This position will help you to achieve better activation of your deep abdominals.


• Activate your deep abdominal muscles by gently tightening your pelvic floor (you can feel them tighten by feeling just inside your hip bones)
• Hold and breathe gently for a count of 5-10 seconds, repeat 5-10 times.


1. As you breathe in lift one foot about 10cm off the floor and lower down as you breathe out. Repeat on alternate legs 15 times.
2. Allow one knee to fall out to the side whilst keeping the pelvis stable. Lower out to the side as you breathe in and bring back to the centre as you breathe out. Repeat on alternate legs 15 times.

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