Ergomonics & Work Station Assessments

It is estimated that at any one time 80% of people will be experiencing some form of back pain and that time off work because of severe episodes of pain can cost businesses over 10 billion a year and reduce your income if you have to resort to sick pay or are self-employed.

Ergonomics is the science concerned with the fit between people and their work. It takes into account many variables, such as the physical workspace, equipment and machinery required to carry out work and the actual tasks to be performed, along with work patterns and demands.

Most large companies will provide a rudimentary workstation assessment. However, sometimes a more formal assessment is required, especially if there are on-going issues with injury, illness or aches and pains. Some signs that an ergonomic review is required are frequent headaches at work, neck and back pain at work, wrist pain, fatigue or frequent incidents resulting in injury.

People tend to forget that working from home can also increase potential stress on the body. The most common problem that we see is prolonged working from a laptop often whilst sitting on a sofa or worse in bed! Your set up at home is just as important as that in the office. But office workers are not the only ones who suffer with pain. We also assess musicians, painters, labourers, drivers etc. who all have their own unique conditions and working patterns all of which can contribute to injury.

Let’s not forget our kids either. Long hours studying, often with poor posture, make them equally vulnerable to adults and possibly more so due to their growing bodies. They may not suffer with aches and pains now but the habits accrued during these years will endure for a lifetime so it is important to be aware.

By assessing your posture and working environment we can make minor alterations to provide very effective, and often cheap, solutions to eliminate aches and pains.

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